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Your community radio station needs YOU! 

Not only do donations allow us to continue entertaining the residents of the Hastings, but they also help us deliver vital community information through our platform, as well as providing opportunities to local people who volunteer with us.

Hastings Radio is non for profit, which means every donation we receive is put back into running our community radio station. Our ambition is to continue to grow, to provide more vital information on the airwaves, but to build more opportunities for local people to learn and gain work experience through us. With your donations, you will not only be helping us continue delivering our mission, but you’re helping create more opportunities to the people in Hastings.


Hey, why not buy us a coffee to help our presenters stay refreshed whilst they play some awesome music on our community radio station!

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Hastings Radio is licenced to play recorded music by PRS & PPL, ensuring artists get paid for the use of their music.

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